Lifecycle mangement tools

A software that gives you the power to easily automate repetitive tasks.

Quickly deploy applications, and proactively manage your servers life cycle, on-premises or in the cloud.

Provision from anywhere

OpenStack, Bare metal (MaaS), Libvirt, oVirt, VMware, Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, and many other providers allow you to manage a hybrid cloud through Foreman.   


An external node classifier, hiera-like parameters, and reports monitoring for Puppet, Salt and Chef are included. Completely ready to tweak host groups in your data center.

Monitor hosts

Foreman reports will tell you exactly what happened in your nodes, and alert you when things go awry. See in your dashboard which hosts are healthy, and which ones are outdated.

CLI, API, RBAC and LDAP integration, Plugins, Audit and more.

Consulting & Concepts of Cloud Technologies

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