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Dedicated PaaS

A PaaS is a Platform as a Service distributing software solutions.

It simplifies automation of repetitive tasks, quickly deploy applications, proactively manage your servers life cycle and the complex requirements of privacy regulations, on-premises or in the cloud. 

Available in just a few working days with complete technological autonomy and a scalable platform.
Choose the digital solutions you want to distribute:

  • KVM hypervisor and LXC containers with Proxmox
  • Load balancer, reverse proxy, firewall, router, vlan managment,... with pfSense
  • Websites with OctoberCMS
  • Web analysis with Matomo
  • Collaborative email with Zimbra Open Source Edition or Network Edition
  • Digital workspace with Nextcloud
  • Online office with OnlyOffice
  • ERP with Odoo

Many services are perfectly integrated with each other in order to deploy and maintain the digital solutions in the 3CT catalog according to the recommendations of the publishers thereof, with great respect for standards, good practices ...

Ready to use on delivery, simply access the online knowledge base of digital solutions administrators in the 3CT catalog to follow the tutorials you need.
It is a forum and a knowledge base for a community of partners of experts in these solutions, sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise.

Our mission is to keep digital solutions up to date, their configuration, the traceability of actions carried out and much more on all PaaS in activity.

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We simplify your access to the top-rated, innovative and powerful open source software solutions, accessible on a scalable platform as you grow