Our values | 3CT

Our values

We promotes open source softwares solutions and sharing knowledge.

We defend the right to freedom of use of software and know-how and wish to promote a more united and freer world.

Advocate for the technological independence of our customers in their offerers, thanks to the Open Source solutions used, reversibility and total interoperability.

To give autonomy to our customers in particular in the choice of their service providers by benefiting from the opening of the source code of the solutions offered.

Engage in the protection and respect of your data with an infrastructure of servers hosted locally to ensure the confidentiality, geopolitical and competitive, of your data in accordance with the directives and the general data protection regulations (GDPR).

Your private data belongs to you and to you only.

Consulting & Conception of Cloud Technologies

We put our expertise at your disposal to guarantee the best success of your digital projects.